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Frequently Asked Questions
I haven’t received an email allowing me to schedule my appointment. What do I need to do?
  • After pre-registration, an initial e-mail is sent that informs individuals that his/her pre-registration information has been submitted and he/she will receive information on scheduling when eligible. When appointments become available to a participant, he/she will receive a scheduling invitation. These e-mails are sent on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If a pre-registered individual has not yet been invited to schedule, he/she should be encouraged leave a message on the Call Center IVR to receive a call back to schedule with an agent.
I didn’t receive an email confirming my appointment. What do I do?
  • If participants complete registration and schedule an appointment, they will receive a confirmation email. Individuals should check their junk or spam to ensure the email did not go into those filters erroneously.
What should I bring to the appointment?
  • The QR code generated for your appointment (on your mobile device or printed out) and a government-issued photo ID and proof of residency are requested at appointment.
  • Individuals 16-17 years of age must bring proof of age to the vaccination appointment in the form of government issued identification or a birth certificate. An adult authorized to provide informed consent for the vaccine must accompany any 16 to 17 year old vaccination participant.
Can I transfer my appointment to someone else?
  • No. The appointment is not transferable
How do I schedule my second dose?
  • If you did not schedule your 2nd dose on site while in observation, you will be automatically notified to schedule your follow-up appointment to receive the second shot. You should expect to receive an appointment invitation email within 7-10 days of your 1st dose appointment inviting you to schedule your 2nddose appointment.
Will I be able to cancel appointments and re-schedule for another day?
  • Yes, you can simply click on the Sharecare email sent inviting you to schedule an appointment. The link on the email should display available appointments. Note: You cannot cancel/reschedule an event more than 15 minutes in the past. This will generate an error message. You can client on the original email appointment button and create a new appointment. You should not go back and re-preregister on
Will I receive a COVID-19 Vaccine Record Card?
  • All residents who receive a COVID-19 vaccine will be provided a COVID-19 vaccination record card. This card will include important information such as patient name, type of vaccine received, date of first dose, date of second dose, and the location the vaccines were administered. Residents are asked to bring the vaccination record card with them when they return for their second dose and are encouraged to keep the card in a safe place as a record. Participants can also take a picture of their card and save on their phone or within the Vaccination Assistant tool.
What can I do if I lost my vaccination card?
  • Residents are asked to bring the vaccination record card with them when they return for their second dose and are encouraged to keep the card in a safe place as a record. Additionally, on-site staff are instructing participants to take a picture of their card. If you do lose your CDC card:
  • Visit the Georgia Department of Public Health website and follow links to Immunization & GRITS
  • Print & Submit the Immunization Record Request Form
Does the system allow you to register multiple people (husband/wife/mother) at the same time?
  • Individual appointments and registrations must be created. Multiple users from the same household should use separate phones while registering and creating the QR code. Separate QR codes can be printed off from the same computer but not on the same phone.
What if I forget to bring my QR code to my appointment?
  • Pre-registered individuals can access the QR code onsite via phone or tablet. If you are not pre-registered, full-service registration can be completed on site. Additionally, if you have an appointment confirmation and cannot access the link in your email, you can pre-register and create a QR code on this link:
  • Important: A QR code does not confirm an appointment. You will need to complete registration by selecting a specific appointment day and time from your appointment email link.

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